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(21) William E. W., aged 8^ ; March 15, 1907 ; Dr. Acland. After a
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At times the pain was very acute. There was marked tenderness in I
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, discussion on chronic case of middle-ear suppuration with caries < I r meat;.
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view r is incorrect. Hunter's preparation clearly proves that this is not
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8 :30 p. M. — Cold meat, bread, lettuce or watercress,
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Tropical climates, little resistance shown by English contracting tuberculosis in, R.S.M. 53
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both testicles are at once exposed. These are taken away with
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Nonprofits can be tempted to borrow against restricted monies when facing a
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how to avoid the chief troubles of dyspepsia by avoiding
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A. E. Rankin, H. C. Robinson*, H. A. Rousseau, P. P. Spaulding*.
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quotes the theory of Jobert Lamballe, who affirms that the two cut ends
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and then gives milk, butter, and eggs, followed by othei in
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may leave them quiet and reasonable, and sometimes quite
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great possibilities would be opened, both as regards prophylaxis and cure, but
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only those who have to treat cases of syphilis from its outset who will
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a number." — {D.J. Roseboom, V. .5"., Chillicothe, Ohio.)
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Steatopygy distinguished from Local accumulations of fat.
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When this is slight the signs of recovery may come on very
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as well as the accumulation of these waste substances.
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task, despite fatigue> so will a man or woman sometimes