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“If you want to introduce the concept of bullying to your students, Mr. Mike is your man.” Dr. June Jones - Principal, Oak Hill Elementary School.

“You did a great job keeping the students attention. Thank you for bringing the Stop Bullying Show to our school!”

Mrs. Julia Kilby - Guidance Counselor, Conway Elementary School

“Great show. Thanks for coming to our school!”

Stephanie McNamee - Teacher, MetroWest Elementary School

The STOP Bullying Show is a highly interactive, 45-minute presentation that will captivate students and teachers alike. This fun and educational show incorporates well established anti-bullying techniques with comedy, magic, and a wide array of circus skills. The show explains the different forms of bullying, emphasizes the importance of adult intervention, and empowers students with the knowledge they need to put a STOP to bullying. Since bullying usually begins in the later years of elementary school, this show is geared toward students in grades 3-5. However, it is still appropriate for younger children. Each show hits on Next Generation Sunshine State Standards set by the Florida Department of Education.