tion of the disease by the old established methods, which have

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to other animals, bovines or guinea-pigs, have so far given posi-

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various cases of tuberculous disease in human beings, and how

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capsule, usually of a marked degree, and a great increase in the amount

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Head, Henry, F.R.S. — Case of fractured spine presenting sensory disturbances, Neur. 76

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more severe, the pain is greater, and there is more general

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suffering from initial regurgitation with breakdown in compensation and

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, mediastinal, subsequent report of case and description of specimen (R. J. Godlee),

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speedily, had not the microscope revealed the true state of

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pulp applied upon a piece of linen. A starch poultice is

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Good molasses is a highly nutritive food, easily digested, and

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Trophcedema following trauma (H. G. Turney), Clin. 200

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popular mind of the details of the work. By means of these

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unimpaired in their action on cattle and can be used for immu-

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search and education than to endure and meet the losses that

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also gone out in his brougham in a temperature of 1 lo I'., and then entered

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of the solids except the phosphates, which are increased.

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of the superior suspensory ligaments of the sesamoid bones.

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and Holmes, Gordon. — On the exact origin of the p

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proved by careful percussion. Since I brought forward evidence of

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consists of plasma-cells, whilst in mycosis fungoides the sarcoma-like

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so easy to go to excess in the ambition to become a Hercules

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during this time a fatty tumour which had existed for some years

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of recent years, has been gained from those surgeons who have operated

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or per appendiceal would have most likely tided the patient Bafely over